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Services for Japanese Expatriates, Visitors and Immigrants

Challenge in America™ (C-i-A), was started as a project of B. Green Associates International, has been assisting Japanese clients since 1995 providing one-on-one services for any number of issues of living and visiting the US, dealing with government rules and regulations and getting established. Our goal is to facilitate life in America.

In the recent past, this service has been moved to BGAI, an independent company formed by the team working on this project. The purpose of the move is to be able to more fully devote attention to the project in the troubled times since 9/11 in the US.

Based in the Silicon Valley part of the San Francisco area, we have helped local, statewide and national clients via our telephone , E-mail and fax. We have served international clients via E-mail and telephone. We formerly provided a membership program where clients can call us to get casual information or ask us to research or implement a project for them. Now, all clients receive the same service and fees. We also have the ability to contract with companies to support their Japanese staff or even to get established in the US.

One to One Assistance

C-i-A offers personal assistance to Japanese in or coming to the United States. Whether it is a referral to a store, a third party to discuss some dispute or help with dealing with the government, our service offers a helping hand. Free information is available at our website, through periodic E-mail newsletters and by an on-line forum.

We offer assistance in immigration and visa areas at very reasonable costs. Our members report a high satisfaction level. Challenge in America (tm) and the parent company are not law firms, but act as consultants for many of the people-to-government issues of life. In particular, we have experience in student and employee visa processing in Japan.


Corporate Services

C-i-A can offer personal services to connect them to local resources, answer questions, research Internet or deal with local businesses on their behalf. Outsourcing this support frees the company's staff from having to deal with family, personal and daily issues. We have assisted in finding housing, schools and dealing with basic issues of life. Our toll free number and three-way calling allows connection with a Japanese speaking person that can assist, recommend and negotiate for the client. Some of our staff is from the high-tech world and can assist the company in connection with associations, consultants, and companies.

Starting an office in America? We have experience in assisting companies establish an American office, recommending and assisting equipping the office and even connecting the company with staffing organizations. Research of the American marketplace or technology connections can provide a basis for coming and formulating the first steps.

Want to communicate to the Japanese speaking people to develop customers and retain the ones you have? We are prepared to produce Japanese language publications and Internet web pages. Even audio or video communications can be produced in concert with your message. We can analyze and recommend information systems to support your Japanese clients. And we can economically aid you in dealing with your clients.


World Wide Web

Challenge in America™ supports a Japanese language Internet World Wide Web site with information, helpful tips, guides, checklists and educational items about life in the US. This site has areas for people to ask questions, a bulletin service to notify those interested in regard to various key happenings in the US or concerning the US.

Challenge in America™ offers sponsorships of the over 100 topics about living and visiting in America. These range from dealing with money to buying paint. This ever expanding area supports forums to post issues, comments and get feedback.

We also offer the ability to focus the users on immediate events through a front page display of current items. An animation attracts users to this information that is pre qualified to reach the Japanese interested in US affairs, business and services.

Future expansion of the web presence will include audio programming, events notification, news, connection to business and consumer associations, NPOs and to government programs.



Do you wish to reach out to the Japanese visitor and US expatriate market? Sponsorship of information areas are available. Your company may sponsor information on any of the areas shown:
  • Sponsor special offers from your company on the "What's New" page, accessible from all pages
  • Sponsor information sites which provides basic living and access information.
  • Sponsor special interest forums.
  • Sponsor weekly Email lists to our registered members.
  • Sponsor special offers to our members, including coupons.

Sponsorships of forums and basic living areas are on a six month and yearly basis. Others can be one-time or repeating. Coupon offers may be linked to the purchase of other products and services, but may not be limited in other ways.

To discuss sponsorship, call Challenge in America at +1 408 249-3939.